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Many companies use the first letter of their brand name to design their logo symbols, letter logo ideas not only will let the viewers connect the brand name and the actual logo design, therefor leave a stronger impression. What if your brand name happens to start with letter "S". Today, I'll show you 2 quick methods that you can use to design your own s logo in seconds. 

Famous brands featuring S logo design ideas

Option 1: Start with S logo design icon and symbols

One easy way to design your s logo is to find a "S" inspired logo symbol. LogoAI has a good collection of S logo symbols that you can customize and make your own. 

👆 Browse S logo symbols and click [Edit] to customize

When you find a S symbol you like, click the [Edit] button to customize and make your own logo. You can enter your own logo name and add a slogan if you like.

Our smart logo editor can automatically suggest different symbols, Layouts, Fonts, and colors options when you click on the buttons above.

Click on the preview to see your new logo in action and don't forget to click save when you have find the perfect design.

Option 2: Generate custom S logo symbol with Monogram logo maker

Instead of using stock logo symbols, you can also use our monogram logo maker to generate custom s logo icons to create your logo that can reduce the risk of using the same logo symbols with others.

👆 Click to generate custom s logo icons 

1. Edit the logo symbol you like

When you click on a symbol, our editor will automatically suggest more similar designs for you to choose. 

2. Click on the letter to see more font options

When you click on S letter, we will bring up additional font options for you to choose.

3. Play with background shapes and sizes

Click on the "Merge" tab to play with different background shapes and sizes to achieve the unique logo symbol you want.

 For instance, the rectangle, square or the circle which can enhance the integrity of the logo and make it more regulate.

4. Create your complete S logo design

Once you have found the perfect symbol, add your logo name and slogan to complete your logo design.

That's it! You get a brand new S letter logo! But, what about other letters? It's really easy, feel free to browse our logo symbol and icon page to find your perfect logo symbol, or create your own monogram letter logo. Only take a few minutes, you can get a professional logo design at LOGOAI.

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