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2022 Creative Logo Design Trends Going Into Style

Logo design techniques and strategies are ever-changing. There are no standard rules and formulas that determine which style will make it to the top. For this reason, designers often rely on creative trends to figure out which elements should be overlooked or adopted.

Unfortunately, these trends differ year after year. Hence, it’s crucial to remain informed and updated on new logo and brand design ideas and trends to keep up with the dynamic world of design. In this way, you’re not just honing your skills but also helping clients achieve their goals.

Luckily, there are particular trends you can perpetually place your trust on, as they never seem to go out of style. And if you’re curious about them, read on to find out what creative trends have lived this long to survive the competitive and transitional realm of logo design.

1. Simplistic Geometric Shapes

Shapes usually serve as elements that add substance and depth to a piece of graphic work. They make for excellent articles for creating patterns and texture, which is why they are often used to decorate in the past. However, the way geometric logo design changed since the creation of the Olympic flag by Pierre de Coubertin back in the year 1914.

From that point on, graphic designers perpetually incorporated simplistic geometry in crafting commercial logos. For this reason, the schematic usage of shapes in logo designing almost never went out of style. Even after the introduction of new ideas, creatives still found a way to include or combine geometric shapes with a particular trend to create something new. As it stands, it will still be a long time before shapes are thrown out of the picture in the realm of graphic and logo design.

With that said, experts predict that the popularity of simplistic geometric logos will continue to soar in the coming year. However, they also expect a few changes in the way these are used in logo design. For instance, instead of pairing monochromatic color schemes with geometry, creatives will likely turn to the application of bold and bright colors. Similarly, layering shapes to create the illusion of depth and structure will also become popular.

2. Divergent and Merging Letters

Typography text logos have always been a popular trend thanks to companies like Coca-cola and Estee Lauder. In a way, this type of initial logo is amongst the safest options in creating one, as it does not require extensive research on symbols and icons. But though the process seems to be relatively straightforward, there’s a ton of effort placed in studying which font to use to catch consumers' attention.

In general, typographic logos leave less room for other creative elements. However, despite this limitation, graphic designers still found a way to make wordmarks fun and engaging at the same time through schematic wordplays that paved the way for divergent and merging letters in logo designs.

Since wordmarks put the entire focus of the logo on the brand name, professional designers expect the trend to remain popular even in the next couple of years. Moreover, experts anticipate a dynamic change in how designers will arrange and apply this concept in creating and designing logos.

3. Conclusion

In the world of graphic design, it can be pretty challenging to predict what will become popular. But fortunately, some trends and concepts continue to exist due to their versatility and adaptability. So as long as you keep these in mind, you’ll find no problem adapting to the changes within the industry.

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