10 Best Logo Fonts For 2020 (From 10,000 successful logo design studies)

Smart logo design can enable a brand to stand out from a sea of competitions. A good logo can create a sense of credibility and establish trust with prospective customers even before they experience your product or service. On the other hand, a bad logo could turn people off and cause them to dismiss your brand, even before giving it a try. This is why the choice of font used in your logo is an important decision you should make. There are hundreds of fonts out there. Which font is right for your logo?

LogoAI's intelligent logo maker has been generating amazing logo design ideas across multiple industries. Today, we have analyzed our database of more than 10,000 logos and come up with top 10 most popular free fonts used for successful branding. Each font has a defining characteristic that could resonate with your logo design, so take your time to browse through the full list before you make your selection.

Logo Font #1: Trajan

If low-key sophistication and disciplined precision is the essence of your brand, then Trajan is a good choice for your logo design. This sharp font is suitable for both corporate and creative brands; it can complement an austere logo or serve as a refreshing contrast to a more unconventional design. The refined spacing between the characters makes it easily readable and memorable to your customers.

Logo Font #2: Bodoni MT

A good number of businesses in the fashion industry use Bodoni MT in their logo design, and for good reason. The font is elegant and polished, perfect for high-end luxury goods and services. Bodoni MT is able to stand on its own as a design element, but works best with effective visuals in the logo that showcases the font’s alternating thin and thick strokes. 

Logo Font #3: Choplin

The Choplin Medium font is unmistakably modern, but it stands apart from other modern fonts due to its unique use of geometry and strong line structure. It is a good font choice for industries where a striking design is essential to make an impactful first impression, particularly businesses where words take center stage, including online publications, news editorials or design work.

Logo Font #4: Varela Round – Regular

For a font that is easy on the eyes, Varela Round – Regular is a good choice. This soft font blends harmoniously with other elements placed alongside it, while still remaining distinct and memorable. Due to its readability, Varela Round – Regular is excellent for businesses that deal in web content or printed material, producing goods as recipe books or restaurant menus. This font has soothing edges and minimalist lines that can be easily paired with other design elements, and looks good, in big or small font sizes. 

Logo Font #5: Chewy

One look at the Chewy font tells you that the brand is a playful, creative one. With its soft curves and playful proportions, it brings to mind a child’s handwriting, or those logos seen on candy wrappers. Using color contrasting to highlight the font’s casual and playful appeal and combining it with a soft-edged and organic-looking graphic would make for a refreshing logo design. This font is perfect for businesses that deal with sweets, young children’s toys or baby clothes.

Logo Font #6: Smithen

Smithen resembles handwriting and adds a touch of humanity, relatability, sincerity and softness to a logo design. This font is suitable for small businesses that require a personal touch – baked goods, handcrafted art, graphic design, beauty&spa, and photography are some classic examples. Smithen also looks good paired with other sans-serif font types, which can be used as a tagline to add more detail to a logo, such as the name of the business owner.

Logo Font #7: Ironclad

For an elegant, but modern-looking font, you can’t go wrong with Ironclad. This font features an Art Deco-inspired design populated by circular elements, which makes it perfect for vintage fashion stores, restaurants, cafes and bars that feature an aesthetic reminiscent of speakeasies. It is also a good choice for boutique theaters that show indie movies or films made during the Prohibition Era.

Logo Font #8: Roboto

Roboto was developed by Google, and it shows in the font design. It is clean, modern and approachable, which makes it perfect for virtually all types of brands. However, due to its association with the Android system, it is perfect for game or software and application development studios. The font goes well with minimalist logos or cartoony graphics owing to its flexibility.


The MAXWELLLIGHT font has a pleasantly minimalist design owing to its thin lines and measured curves. Coupled with a playful logo, MAXWELL LIGHT would be quite suitable for businesses that run coworking spaces, digital marketing operations, or ad agencies. It has the perfect balance of clean and contemporary that makes for a versatile yet unique logo design.

Logo Font #10: Righteous

For a futuristic touch, the Righteous font is perfect for your logo design. It is easily readable at large and small font sizes, and looks particularly striking when used with bright colors. A sense of dynamism and movement is obtained when this font is combined with a logo that accentuates its precise curves and strong use of lines. This font is highly suitable for logos of businesses that operate within the automobile, oil, tech or finance industry.

Automated Logo Font Suggestion

All these and many other fonts are available inside our logo maker font selection, and we can even automatically suggest matching fonts based on your brand name and symbol style. In fact, with our inspirational design approach, any business will be able to find a suitable logo style to create that unique and recognizable brand identity.

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