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AI Icon Generator FAQs

👉 How to use the AI Logo Icon Generator?
Simply input 1-3 keywords, choose your preferred icon style, and the AI will instantly create a unique logo icon online.
👉 How many icon styles are available for selection?
Currently, we offer 7 popular logo icon styles:
  • 3D Clay-style Icon
  • Linear Outline Icon
  • Mascot-style Icon
  • Minimalist Flat Icon
  • ...
We will continue to update with more appealing and interesting icon styles for you to choose from.
👉 Are the generated icons unique?
Yes. They are 100% AI-generated by our trained AI Logo icon model.
👉 What formats and sizes of icons are available for download?
We provide high-resolution PNG images in 1024x1024 size for direct download. You can also use the generated icon to make your logo by choosing the appropriate options. Logo Ai will vectorize your icon and allow you to add brand name and slogans to create a complete logo design.
👉 How long does it take to generate an icon online?
Typically, the process takes less than 30 seconds. The specific time may vary based on the complexity of the icon and the number of icons being generated.
👉 Are there any requirements for the icon keywords I input?
For optimal results, we recommend providing concise and specific keywords to avoid ambiguity or overly vague abstract terms. Here are some examples:
  • Letter "Y"
  • Cat with a Hat
  • Futuristic Rocket
  • Gradient Color Music Note
👉 Can the generated icons be further edited online to create logos?
Certainly! In addition to local downloads, you can also choose “maker logo" option to bring you icon over to LogoAI editor for one-click vector conversion and logo text addition, enabling you to create and download professional logos.
👉 Can AI-generated icons be used for commercial purposes?
The copyright of the generated icons belongs to you, allowing you to freely use them, including for commercial purposes.
👉 How much does it cost to generate a logo icon online?
Generating a logo icon costs 2 AI credits.