Logo Maker API

LogoAI is the leading AI logo maker on the market. With more than a million customers, our logo engine uses AI technology to dynamically generate creative logo ideas based on very simple design inputs. Now, we are excited to introduce two logo API integration solutions: LOGO API and LOGO API Lite. If you wish to enable AI logo generation for your website or app, please choose the solution most suitable for your need and get in touch with us.


Our Logo API solution is implemented using IFRAME where you can directly open our page from your website. You will have exactly the same feature as LogoAI allowing your customers to generate logo ideas, make design modifications, and download the complete brand assets from the logo download center.

  • Feature: Implementing the exact same online logo design functionality as LogoAI.
  • Payment: Connect your own payment gateway in order to grant logo download access to your customers.
  • Price: We will settle the payment with you based on the actual number of logos purchased by the users and the selected package.
  • Demo: uBrand Logo Maker
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Logo API Lite solution offers a simpler integration method. You only need to pass your logo name and a few other parameters (optional) to generate multiple creative logo images.

  • Feature: Quickly generate logo images based on the name.
  • Payment: We will charge you API fees at a rate of approximately $0.05 per logo image.
  • Demo:
  • LOGO API Lite Integration Documentation:

    Request Description (Get Logo Image API)

    • Request URI: https://api.logoai.com/logoapi/async/logo
    • Request Method: GET
    • (1) Request (Headers)

      Parameter Type Description
      LOGOAPIKEY string Your exclusive API Key

      (2) Request (Query)

      Parameter Description Required
      name Name of your logo Yes
      slogan Slogan of your logo No
      page Page, default value: 1 No
      colorId Color scheme preference
      0: Default, 1: Warm, 2: Cold, 3: Contrast, 4: Pastel, 5: Grayscale, 6: Gradient
      fontId Font style preference
      0: Default, 1: Modern, 2: Elegant, 3: Slab, 4: Handwritten, 5: Playful, 6: Futuristic
      styleId Style preference No
      size Size per call, 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12, default value: 4 No
      format Output format, 1: Base64 2: URL, default value: 1 No


    • {
        // Successful response:
        "data": {
          // We will push the logo image and taskId to your designated interface address through a webhook.
          "taskId": "9dc07ccd-ce60-4376-9160-06dc8c77ce9b"
        "errCode": 0,
        "errMsg": "",
        "success": "success"
    • {
        // Failed response:
        "data": null,
        "success": "false",
        "errCode": 40001,
        "errMsg": "Api key not found."
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