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Text or Abstract Logo? A Guide on Choosing Your Logo Type

Whether you’re starting a new business or revamping your company, one of the constant challenges is spreading the word about your brand. Brand recognition is one marker that your marketing team is doing a great job, and it is directly related to your sales. Apart from creating a unique brand name, picking out an appropriate logo is necessary to establish recognition. 

Establishing your brand is an essential component of your company’s success, and your first step to achieving this is creating your company logo. Your logo will immortalize your business, so a lot of thought and research should go into this. 

The most basic question many have on their mind is whether to go with a text logo or an abstract design. To help you in making that decision, we’ve compiled a short guide on the merits of both.

Text Logo

A text logo—otherwise known as a “word mark”—is pretty straightforward. They are logos with the company’s name incorporated in it. The main benefit of using this design would be the direct recognition of your brand name when you see the logo. Some of the more popular businesses to have applied this to gain an edge are CNN, FedEx, IBM, Coca Cola, NASA, and Dell, among others.

Immediately Recognizable

As stated earlier, your business and brand are immediately recognized by those who see it. There is no confusion with your logo; upon seeing it, viewers know it is a logo for your company. 


Having your name incorporated directly into your logo makes for a simpler design—and simplicity is one of the key traits of effective logo design. Simple logos are easily understood by viewers, and possible customers are more receptive to branding that is understandable and clear.

Abstract Logo

Abstract logo designs use symbols or icons that usually represent a company’s product or their service. Unlike text logos, abstract designs allow for a lot of room for creativity, which could really make your brand stand out. The bigger, more famous companies to have used an abstract logo to represent their brand are Nike, Adidas, Apple, Twitter, and Instagram.

Unique & Creative

Abstract logos are some of the most creative ones. Designers have a lot of ways to express the brand according to the company owner’s standard. Abstract logos are highly innovative and are typically unique to your brand.

Create a Lasting Impression

Being a unique work of art, this has the opportunity to make a lasting impression, which can bump up recognition. When your brand makes an impression, there is a possibility to pique interest, which can help you make a sale.

Text Logo vs. Abstract Logo

Text logos are generally clearer and have better recall than abstract logos. Your brand name holds priority here and will bump up the familiarity of your brand. This is perfect for most startups, whose main priority is to penetrate the market. Having a catchy name will also help in having a text logo design.


text logo by LogoAi


Text logo made by LogoAi

Abstract logos are highly unique and pique interest, which can, in turn, generate sales. Although it can be misconstrued by viewers and audiences, a unique logo can make an association strong enough to be remembered. That is generally better for companies that people have known about for a while or for graphics companies or designers that wish to showcase their creativity. A particularly good concept and an even better designer is a must to pull off the abstract logo design.


Abstract logo by LogoAi
Abstract logo by LogoAi

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