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4 Geometric Logo Design Styles to Try for Your Brand

Geometric logos, which range from circles to squares and intricate patterns, are a popular logo style because of their mathematical precision and the breadth of emotions they may communicate. Squares and rectangles have a sturdy, stable understanding of them. A round or oval logo, on the other hand, might offer a company a timeless sense.

Moreover, geometric logos frequently branch out from these basic shapes to express more complex brand stories. For generations, geometric shapes have been used in art, among other things. 

Classic designers recognized how geometric patterns might express major concepts about science, art, religion, and humanity by visualizing the mathematical principles that make up the universe. It isn't easy to know where to begin using geometric shapes for your personal branding because they have so much nuance and history. 

Fortunately, we can help you get started. Make sure to read this article to understand where your brand is heading in terms of its logo. 

1. Contemporary

Organizations that target younger populations use geometric shapes to convey that they are minimalist yet adventurous, without the frills of traditional designs. Because precise line-work contrasts with natural, organic figures, geometric shapes suggest computers and technology, which appeals to younger, tech-savvy consumers.

2. Retro and Vintage

Geometric shapes may make a logo appear modern yet add a nostalgic, retro-futuristic vibe. Consider the vaporwave style and Tron as they have a strong sense of belonging in the 1980s. 

This type of imagery may be particularly effective for a brand that wishes to employ nostalgia in a specific way. Examples include a vintage electronics dealer or a consignment shop specializing in a specific style of apparel.

3. Balanced and Symmetrical 

Symmetrical geometric logos can represent the attributes of health, mobility, and awareness to businesses. When the two sides of a logo mirror each other, it gives the observer a sense of security and trust. Because they are familiar, symmetrical shapes provide a sense of equilibrium and security. 

The obvious candidates for this certain style of logos are health food makers and yoga studios. However, any firm that wishes to convey a sense of "fair and square" can utilize a symmetrical geometric logo. Professionals, such as insurance providers, legal advocacy groups, and relationship counselors, can also use this type of logo design. 

4. Shapes as Constructs 

The perfect brand AI logo design can demonstrate a sum of all parts (or shapes) that fit together. Using a type of "Lego" style for a logo can suit construction companies for conveying a message of "building parts.” 

However, building block imagery isn't only for construction firms. This design may be ideal for an organization that wants to make the connections to form a part of its brand. Examples are a tutoring service that helps students develop academic skills or a physical therapist who aids patients in improving muscle development and strength.


Geometric shapes and png images are a simple yet fun way to add depth to your logo design. A geometric style for logos is easy to do. In fact, you can start to create them by using our geometric logo templates below:

geometric logo

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