10 logo design ideas that anyone can use to create a startup logo

Every startup can use a beautiful logo design. If you don't have the graphic skills nor the budget to hire a professional logo designer, let me show you 10 simple logo ideas and design techniques you can use to create your startup logo in a matter of minutes.

Logo Idea #1: Replacing a logo letter

Creating a unique logo design by simply replacing a letter with a matching icon. 

Notice in the above design the letter "A" is replaced with a triangle icon? In fact, you can experiment with different icons as shown below until you find the perfect match.

Logo Idea #2: Create a letter initial

In the above design, the first letter K is stylized which can serve as the symbol for the overall logo. There are multiple styles you can choose as shown below.

Logo Idea #3: Matching 2 different fonts

If your logo name contains two words, you can contrast with 2 different fonts as shown below.

Logo Idea #4: Stylelize a letter

Putting a circle background behind a  letter can also create a simple yet unique look for your logo. The background style can also be other different shapes as shown below.

Logo Idea #5: Adding background symbol

The yellow circle is placed as a background to form a circular logo design. And different background symbols can create drastically different logo styles.

Logo Idea #6: Using an abstract symbol

Finding the perfect symbol for your logo is 80% of the work.

Logo Idea #7: Iconlized initial

If you can't find the perfect icon for your logo, creating one from your first letter initial can be very effective.

Logo Idea #8: Adding a design border

Simple design border is also a popular logo design technique

Logo Idea #9: Using a container

Container background is often used to create badge types of logo design as shown below. You can easily choose different container backgrounds to achieve the desired logo look.

Logo Idea #10: Initial icon

You can also choose your logo symbol based on the initial letter.

Logo ideas from Ai logo maker

I hope you find the above logo design techniques inspirational for your own logo creation. You can click on any logos above to customize your own design. However, if you don't have any design styles in mind feel free to try our logo maker and see what LogoAi can do for you.

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