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Benefits of Using Helvetica Font for Brand Logos

Have you ever thought about what people first see as soon as they check your designs or logos?

Before appreciating how beautifully you have designed the logo, they examine the font used on it because it gives all the details about your brand type. If you have used the wrong one, the message delivered to the readers will be totally opposite.

To save yourself from this scenario, it is important to know how sensitive it is to select the right font for a particular purpose to make your design worth cherishing. So according to you which font should be the most deserving to enter this list?

The Best Font for Brand Logos

The most important step in designing a brand is the logo which should be constructed wisely because it will be the first impression. If the first impression is not as per the expectations, it will be hard for you to excite them later. The eventual solution to this layout is choosing a perfect font as per the situation so that the reader relates to it.

Every pro and beginner designer are familiar with the Helvetica font family that has ruled the field for ages so it doesn't need to be introduced to anyone. However, there are some factors that make this family fit to be employed in lots of free logo ideas and everyone needs to check out those points.

1- It Functions with Every Mood

There are very few fonts that match every kind of mood and emotion and inevitably, Helvetica is one of them. Whatever kind of brand you have launched or whatever mood you want to pass on to the reader's mind, Helvetica is here to solve this query. In the Helvetica family, you can get your hands on every type of font be it serious, modern, traditional, etc. so the selection will be simple.

For example, Helvetica Now is popular for a wide range of legibility. The reason to generate this version was to overcome some issues regarding readability that people found in Helvetica. Similarly, Helvetica Neue has unique characters so designers use them in order to bring creativity and uniqueness to the design.  In short, the visual communication of this font is excellent.

2- Valuable and Unique Font

Have you ever seen a logo and it didn't click with you because of being ordinary? When you do not bring versatility and uniqueness to the logo, it won't impress anyone. The uniqueness comes with the right font that is valuable and distinctive at the same time. Moreover, this type of font has the capability to deliver the right feel that is not hard to understand.

There are many points that make Helvetica distinguished among others. The most significant one is that the characters of this font never have diagonal strokes. Either they are horizontal or vertical. However, you won't find this element in any other typeface. Another great thing about this font is that it never loses its legibility even if it is in motion. That's why you surely have seen this font in the logos of different airlines.

3- Contains Many Weights

From a variety of san-serif fonts out there, the free version of Helvetica font family is popular, containing many weights and characters. Talking about the variants, we have Helvetica Neue, Helvetica Now, Inserat, Compressed, etc. and all of them have been significantly used by the designers. Many people found this font family overrated while on the other hand, some designers assume that all this popularity is well deserved.

Each font and variant further have numerous weights that are great for your design. Due to this feature, everyone is going crazy for this font family and it is for all the right reasons.

4- It Adds Worth

Do you know fonts play a significant role in creating the value of a brand that is why everything should be done with proper planning. A typeface can make and break your brand so it depends on you on which side you would like to go. The typeface is not only about characters and letters. It is more than that if you fully understand it.

Helvetica font is one of the few fonts that include worth so if you use it on the logo of your brand, you are going to enjoy a lot of benefits. Not only does it put on uniqueness, but it also reflects professionalism and knows how to apprehend someone's attention.

5- Perfect for Branding

As we have talked about earlier, Helvetic is good with a readability score and it is one of the main factors in branding. The better the readability score the font has, the perfect choice it will be for any brand. From airport logos to billboards to restaurant signs, you examine this font on a daily basis due to its extensive usage. The main reason might be due to the clean letters it has.

Hence, if you are about to initiate your brand and are confused about which font will suit the logo more, Helvetica is here for you.

6- Used by Big Names

Many people pick the font after seeing its popularity because they want to ensure whether it is in trend or not. Helvetica is the most popular and highly used font that almost every big brand and company has used once in life due to which it kept growing. From American Airlines to Nestle company to Harley Davidson brand, everyone has used it and the font did give them a complete advantage.

All these brands and companies have remained successful and somehow their font selection is also one of the few reasons behind their popularity. It is another common reason why it should also be on the wish list if you are looking for a font for logos or for any other possibility.

7- Good for Publishing and Advertising

Whether there is printing work or you want a font that is needed for publishing, Helvetica ruled in every category and it is why designers normally pick this alternative. It might be due to its great readability, tall x-height, clear letters, etc. For every kind of brand, you can go with this option because it covers maximum medium that's why it gets all the attention. Make your advertising projects hit with this font. 

End Thoughts

Do you remember when was the last time you witnessed the Helvetica Font family in a new logo design? Possibly you come across this font daily because not a single designer misses a chance to employ it in their work and designs. If you think that it has lost its charm due to overuse, you are wrong because it still has the power to grab all the attention and this is what it does. 

Since the release of Helvetica, it has made an entry into many notable places and platforms. Moreover, the release of different variants boosted the worth and value of this font. The main purpose of releasing each variant was to fill in those features that were missing in the previous version. If you are not sure which font should be picked, you can always safely play with Helvetica because it goes with every situation. 

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