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7 Types of Abstract Logos That Can Give Your Brand a Whole New Look

Considering today’s tough competition between brands, you need to make sure that your logo not only represents your brand clearly but that it is interesting enough to spark conversations about your brand. Myessayhelper.net experts suggest that a logo should be crafted to help connect with customers and have longevity in order to withstand the test of time. 

But how do you do that? One option you should consider is an abstract logo - one that may be complex and not necessarily recognizable but one that could represent your brand conceptually. 

Here, LogoAI shares seven types of abstract logos for you to consider for your brand: 

Symmetrical Abstract Logos

Symmetrical logos are segmented into two halves and are created to be balanced and visually appealing to the eyes.

They use geometric shapes and lines and can be used for all brands, both for personal and business purposes.

The strength of symmetrical abstract logos is that they are highly recognizable.

Abstract Logos with Geometric Shapes

These logos use geometric shapes to create a distinct abstract representation of a brand.

Predictably, they are widely used for design projects and are considered a good brand representation because of their simplistic nature.

They can be used for various business brands, from small businesses to large corporations, and personal inspiration and self-expression.  

Dynamic Abstract Logos

These abstract logos are the most creative ones that bring a dynamic feel to a brand’s image.

They are characterized by vibrant colors, unusual shapes, and effects.

A special touch is often given to these logos to make them distinctive and unique.

Dynamic abstract logos are best suited for high-growth startups and modern and innovative companies.

Abstract Logos with Deep Meanings

Abstract logos with deep meanings are designed to signify the core values of a brand more conceptually.

Many of these logos carry deep historical, cultural, and religious references that are meant to resonate with large audiences and that are designed to leave a lasting impression on people.

Line Art Logos

These abstract logos are characterized by clear and bold lines that keep the logos looking sharp and clean.

Line art logos are usually monochromatic, although certain ones can also be designed in a variety of hues.

Most line art logos are designed to represent concepts simply and straightforwardly without appearing too overbearing or cluttered.

Illustrative Abstract Logos

Illustrative abstract logos are created to include visual elements and elements of storytelling.

They are also considered good communication tools that can help convey a brand message that is easy to remember and understand.

They are usually quite conceptual and may be contrasted by an equally strong brand name.

Combination Abstract Logos

Combination abstract logos combine two different types of logos or two different logo elements.

These logos are often created by blending two or more concepts together. They are perhaps the most interesting abstract logos that stand out among the rest. They are also unique, creative and are quite strong in terms of being recognizable.


Abstract logos can be a good way for brands to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

While you may have to spend a bit more time to get your brand noticed, it may be the extra effort you need to make your brand truly remarkable.

If you are still thinking of a new logo design for your business, you should seriously consider abstract logos. They can be a refreshing change to the traditional one you’ve had for years. Or if you’re a new business, it’s a great way to introduce your brand to the world. 

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