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Common Business Logo Types You Can Choose From

Your logo is more than just a combination of typography and images. It is a symbol imprinted in your customers’ minds every time they see and hear your business name. To make a solid first impression, you have to make sure you get it right. But before creating a logo design for your business, knowing the different types of logos is important. Here are some of them:

  1. Wordmarks

A wordmark, also known as logotype, is a font-based logo that solely showcases your company name. This type of logo is ideal when your company has a distinct identity. Some famous examples of businesses that use this logo are Visa, Coca-Cola, and Google.

If you have already established your credibility in the industry and take pride in having a catchy and memorable business name, consider creating this type of logo to create strong brand recognition. Another tip for making an effective wordmark logo is to pay careful attention to the typography. This is the main focus of your logo, so pick or create a font that captures your branding identity. 

  1. Monogram logos

Monogram logos or letter marks are typography-based logos consisting of several letters for easy identification purposes, such as brand initials. It showcases simplicity. This type of logo is best used when your business name is lengthy. It makes perfect sense for you to use monograms to represent your company. For example, it is easier to say and remember NASA instead of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

If you decide to use a monogram logo, remember that the font you choose or create is crucial. It has to represent your products or services and ensure it is legible when printed, especially since it focuses on initials.

  1. Pictorial marks 

A pictorial mark, brand mark, or logo symbol is a graphics-based representation of your business. It is the icon or image that comes to your mind when certain companies are mentioned. 

To give you a clear example, think of the iconic Apple logo and the Twitter bird. Because their brands are well-established and the logos are emblematic, these images alone are instantly recognizable and associated with the businesses themselves.

Using a pictorial mark means carefully picking the image on your logo because this icon will represent your company throughout its entire existence. Consider if you want to create deeper meaning, evoke an emotion, or play on your name. Also, note that it can be a tricky logo type if you are just starting out, so think twice before using it if you still don’t have strong brand recognition.

  1. Abstract logo marks

An abstract mark is a geometric form that represents your business. It works well because it conveys what your company does. So instead of using a recognizable image, it gives you the freedom to create something unique for your business and provide meaning to your brand. For example, the Nike logo is not merely a checkmark. Instead, it is a swoosh that signifies freedom and movement.


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