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3 Quick Ways to Create Your EdTech Startup Logo

Lockdown doesn't hinder the innate human eagerness to learn. The flourishing EdTech startup scene witnesses its rise during the pandemic. More startups make it viable for education on scale to stay consistent with our lifestyle. It makes it perfect timing for us to get inspirations for EdTech startup logos

Here are 3 ways to create EdTech Startup logos:

1. Symbolic EdTech startup logos

The designs of symbolic EdTech startup logos resemble the very educational services provided. They are characterized by simple, clean and powerful sans serif fonts, which are of little curves or dashes in forms, pairing self-evident symbols. 

Tips for making symbolic EdTech startup logos

  • There is an immense collection of free logo PNG images & icons to make your own logo. Simply select 'Icons', then input a keyword and play with the logos you fancy.
  • Choose modern sans serif font that emphasizes the trustworthiness and legibility. 
  • Select a simple and immediate colour set, or one colour in its different shades.

2. Monogram EdTech startup logos

Monogram EdTech startup logos consist of one or two letters with or without a container to create one unified symbol. Think about the educational service you are providing and manipulate the letter or the container to indicate your unique value proposition.

Tips for making monogram EdTech startup logos

  • Generate free monogram logo symbol icons by entering your initials, max 2 letters.
  • Add a container only when it assists making sense of your brand.
  • Be wise & effective in light of using special effects like shading gradient on both desktop and mobile device screens.

3. Abstract EdTech startup logos

Abstract logos with geometric shapes pronounce a tone of minimalism. Simple shapes of a few lines in these abstract logos reflect the problem-solving essence of every entity, and as well as the very spirit of agile methodology where the solutions are built piece by piece in small iterations, not in silos. Witness the power of a few of simple shapes being designed into a symbol that distinguishes you from others.    

Tips for making abstract EdTech startup logos

Make your own EdTech startup logo

Making EdTech startup logos aren't rocket science. With our startup logo maker & design templates it is easy to customize according to your preferences.

Start designing your startup logo in seconds with AI logo maker!

Step 1: Go to Logoai startup logo page - Hover over a template - Click 'Customize'.

Step 2: On editing tab, click onto the element of the logo and start editing and rearranging elements according to your preferences.

EdTech StudeerSnel is a Dutch educational platform that was launched back in 2010 and took the world by storm in just 3 years. It is known to the general public as Studocu - a place where everyone can receive an inexhaustible flow of knowledge without restrictions. Today it is one of the two most successful EdTech platforms with worldwide fame, with a monthly flow of 25,000,000 students from 60 countries and 2,500 universities.

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