font based logo design

Create font based logo design in 3 easy steps

Font based logo, or text logo, is one type of logo design that doesn’t include a separate logo symbol. Instead, a text logo design is created using a stylized font and text layout in order to create a unique visual of the brand. In this article, we will show you how to create a text logo using any brand name. No previous design skills or special tools are required.

Step 1. Enter your logo name

For a text logo, a shorter name usually works better because with larger text, more font details can be recognized. In this example, we will use the name “Tiktok” as an example 

Enter brand name to generate logos at

Step 2. Select font styles for your logo

logo font styles

There are 6 font styles available to choose from and when you hover mouse over each selection you will see some examples. Since Tiktok logo we are making is supposed to be fun and targeting a younger audience, we’ve selected both playful and futuristic font styles

Step 3. Choose the text logo you like and revise

Based on the logo information we’ve entered, we are presented with many different logo design options

text logo generated at

When you find a design that you like, you can click on the edit button to tweak details of this design.

You can add a slogan and go to the colors tab to see different color combinations of this design.

Once you have found the perfect logo design combination, hit the save or buy button to make this design your own.

You can also click on the preview button to see different mockups of this design. 

Benefits of text logo

Text based logos are very popular among brands because of their simplicity. Without a separate logo symbol, people tend to focus more on the logo text therefore leaving a stronger impression of the actual brand name. 

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