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Logo Symbol Maker | Create a unique icon for your logo

The first step towards making a logo is to create a symbol that represents your brand. You can either design a complex graphic to illustrate your business, or choose a simple icon or shape to be associated with your brand. In this article, we will show you how to create a simple and unique design shape that you can use as your logo symbol.

Unique Logo Symbol Maker

There are thousands of existing design shapes and symbols available on the web that you can potentially use to create your logo. But that means your design won’t be unique and someone else could have already used it in their logo. We have created a unique logo symbol maker that can create unique and original logo symbols by merging existing icons. 

Let’s take the above design for an example. Click on the logo and you will be taken to the logo edit page. Immediately, you will be presented with other symbol options generated based on the current design.

Logo Symbol From Merged Icons

Notice the first symbol looks kind like the icon selected above? It is actually 100% unique and  created automatically by merging that icon with a round background shape. As you scroll to the right and will see other symbols created using the similar fashion. 

See a design you are interested in? Click on it to open the design preview and when you close the preview we will merge current icon with other background shapes

As you browse different combinations, make sure you click open the setting menu and play with the relative size of the original icon and see how it can generate some really interesting results.

Logo Symbol Maker Templates

Once you understand how our symbol maker works, it is really easy to create unique logos. Click on the following templates and start merging icons and shapes to create your own designs.

👆Click to create your own original logo symbol

Monogram Symbol Maker

Merging 2 icons to form a unique logo symbol is one way to do it. As we have talked about in our initial logo design article, combining text font with shape is another way to create a monogram logo symbol. With these 2 powerful approaches, designing your own logo with a unique symbol should be a freeze.  We also included some monogram symbol templates below you can try quickly.

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