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Logo Symbol Maker: 3 ways to create a unique icon for your logo

The first step towards making a logo is to create a symbol that represents your brand. Of course you can hire a designer to custom design your logo symbol. But if you don't have the budget to do so, we will show you 3 ways to create a  unique design shape that you can use as your logo symbol.

Use AI to generate your logo symbol

You know you can now use AI to generate a unique logo symbol? Just head over to AI Icon Generator and follow the 3 simple steps to generate your own logo icon.

  1. 1. Describe the icon you want to generate
  2. 2. Choose the style you like
  3. 3. Select the number of options you like to see

AI Icon Generator

You can experiment with different icon ideas, text prompts and icon styles until your find the perfect icon that you want to use as your logo symbol. Choose "Make logo" from the option menu and that will take you to the logo edit window where you can vectorize logo image and add your brand name to make a complete logo.  You can take a look this article for more details on this process.

Unique logo symbol from icon merge

LogoAI can help you create a unique logo symbol by merging any existing icon with different background shapes. Follow 2 simple steps to merge your icon:

1. Click on any logo icon on the canvas to bring up the symbol menu on the left 

2. Click on the icon on the left to see icon merge options 

Click on the icon to see icon merge options

Choose any merged icon and play with size slidebar to achieve the desired new shape

Play with size factor for best shape results

You can also go back and choose a different icon to perform the merge operation. If you are happy with the new shape, you can continue change color, fonts and layout to create your new logo.

Create a unique design with your merged logo symbol

Icon Merge Examples & Templates

Once you understand how our symbol maker works, it is really easy to create unique logos. Click on the following templates and start merging icons and shapes to create your own designs.

Create logo symbol from initial letters

As we have talked about in our initial logo design article, combining brand initial with a background shape is another way to create a unique logo symbol for your brand.

Monogram Logo Symbol Maker

Simply enter 1 or 2 letter initials of your brand and monogram logo symbol maker will generate dozens of unique logo symbols by combining different fonts with background shapes. If you are not happy with the initial output, simply hit Generate again and there are literally thousands of unique combinations you can choose from. Click on the Edit button on the symbol you like to bring up the logo edit window to add name and colors to finalize your design.

With these 2 powerful approaches, designing your own logo with a unique symbol should be a freeze.  We also included some monogram symbol templates below you can try quickly. But don't forget, Partnering with professional branding agencies can greatly enhance the process of logo creation. Once you have the perfect logo design, you can start integrating your logo into all kinds of marketing materials. If you need to print anything out, you can try using Prints4sure to print your desired materials.

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