initial logo design with letter monogram

Initial Logo Design - How To Create Your Own Initial Logo In 1 Minute

Designing your logo with an initial letter or monogram is a simple yet effective method to help people to remember your brand name. By extracting the first initial letter of your brand name, initial logo designs usually include a stylized letter in the form of monogram as the logo symbol. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Initial Logo Examples

Gradient logo monogram for an apparel brand

Initial logo with letter “P” and curved logo text

Initial logo with letter “P” and curved logo text

B&H initial logo design

B&H initial logo design

“W” initial logo for alumni club

“W” initial logo for alumni club

Single Letter Monogram

In the following example, we will show you how easy it is to create a single letter monogram logo using our Ai logo maker. Let’s take an example logo named “ZARA”

Click on the logo above and you will see the detailed logo page for this design. As you can see, the initial letter “Z” is extracted from the brand name and placed in a monogram

Click on “Edit this design” link and you will immediately see other monogram options for this logo. You can click on the right arrow or use the right arrow key on the keyboard to see unlimited options for the monogram shape. 

Click on the gear icon on the toolbar to bring up even more options for the monogram design. You can choose a different font for the initial letter and adjust the size until it is perfect. 

Initial Logo with Multi-letters

The monogram symbol for the initial logo can also contain multiple letters as you can see in the following examples. 

Lettermark “WW” is extracted from the brand name WorldWide.

Similarly you can click on edit and bring up the monogram option on the toolbar. Play around with font size and especially letter spacing can create some interesting combinations for the monogram symbol design.

Close the monogram menu to see the shape options generated by the logo maker. Keep scrolling to find the perfect design for your logo symbol.

Using Initial Logo Symbol

Once your logo is saved, you can download your monogram symbol and use it for your social media profile or website favicon where space is limited. One benefit of monogram logo symbol is that it can allows remind user of your brand name

More Initial Logo Design Templates

We have hundreds of initial logo design templates in our logo idea page. Here are a few we picked out that you can quickly use to create your own. Click on the logo image you like to open the page and click on the edit option to customize your own design.

Arts & Creative gallery logo design with initial letter “a”

Smile photography logo design with a stylized letter “S” as a monogram logo symbol

Personal branding logo with “K” in a rectangle border

Impact Gallery logo design with letter “IG” as initial logo symbol

Web Creation Studio logo design using letter initial

Promo logo design with letter “P” in a hexagon monogram shape

Makeup logo design with letter “ML” as initial symbol design

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