Difference Between Logo Design & Branding

Difference Between Logo Design & Branding

Logo design and branding are related topics. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably; however, they refer to different things. Though they work together, a company’s logo and its brand have different functions.

Logo design is, quite literally, the act of making a symbol for a company. Branding is the process of constructing a wider identity for a business. Let us look at the details of each process to see how they are similar to and different from each other.

What is a logo?

The logo is the graphic symbol that is used to identify a company, business, or entity. It is used to make a brand stand out in a sea of competitors using a combination of illustrations, colors, and typographies. When you think of Nike, for example, you might imagine a swoosh in white against a black background. Sometimes, the word ‘Nike’ is placed under the graphic.

Another example is Versace. This logo is more ornate, but it is nonetheless memorable; it is an icon of the Greek mythological figure Medusa, encircled by an ornate border. Your logo does not have to be very simple, like Nike’s, or intricate like Versace’s; what it does need to be, though, is an accurate reflection of your brand.

What is a brand?

If a logo is the physical symbol of a business, a brand is an idea people have about a business. It is not any single object, but it is a combination of emotional and physical triggers that remind people of the brand’s reputation. Taking our example from earlier, Nike, its brand can be seen in the endorsers it chooses, the material its products are made from, the look of its advertisements, and the way its stores are designed.

How are these two related?

Branding is a strategy adopted by a business to help people associate their products or services with certain traits. It is also used to surface a business and make it stand out in a saturated market. Branding strategy defines what a business is through different tools, one of which is logo design. 

The logo can be used in a variety of ways; it can appear in advertisements on TV, magazines, outdoor ads, and websites. It can also be on the company’s official website, as well as mobile applications belonging to the business. Apart from these, the logo is also displayed in brick-and-mortar stores, in the product’s packaging and in the company’s offices.

Why is a logo important?

The logo is one of the most significant graphic elements of a company. It has many touchpoints with a customer and is one of the most recognizable parts of a business. A good logo allows people to have near-instant recall of your company. It gives your brand consistency, especially if you use the logo on various company products and materials. 

A multipurpose logo lets you represent your company in different channels. Conversely, a poorly-designed or forgettable logo does not do anything for your company’s growth.


Branding is served greatly by a well-designed logo. If your company’s main identifier is simple, memorable, and eye-catching, you stand a good chance of being remembered by your audience. When choosing a partner to design your logo, get a professional who understands how to condense a company’s personality into a few lines and colors.

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