5 Minimalist Logo Designs You Can Create In Seconds

5 Minimalist Logo Designs You Can Create In Seconds

Minimal logos are great for modern and technology oriented brands. By focusing only on the essentials, minimalist logo design conveys the brand identity in a simple and effective style. For startup founders who need logo design fast and with limited budget, the following 5 minimalist logo design techniques can help anyone create a clean logo in a matter of seconds.

Minimalist logo #1: Border around the text and slogan

One way to design a minimal logo is to simply place a border around the text and slogan. 

Click on the image above and you will see other border styles available and you can quickly preview and save the design style you want

Minimal Logo Technique #2: Stylize a logo letter

Another effective method for creating minimal logos is to stylize a single letter of the logo name. This is more suitable for logo with abbreviation or short names

Similarly, when you click to edit this logo, you will see other style options. You can even click on the position button above to select which letter you want to stylize in order to achieve a unique look perfect for your brand.

Minimalist logo technique #3: Placing a background shape

Similar to placing a border around logo text, placing a background with hollowed logo text can also achieve a minimalist look. 

When you click to edit button, you will be presented with other background options

Simple logo technique #4: Font combination with border

If your brand name consists of 2 words, try to use a light and heavy font combination as you can see above. Combined with a simple border, you can achieve another interesting look.

Similarly you can further customize the font and border selection by going into the logo edit page

Minimal logo #5: Border around each letter

You can also create a simple logo by placing borders around individual letters. This works best when your brand name is relatively short.

You are not limited to just square borders, our editing page will show you other style options that you can choose. 


As you can see from the above 5 examples, creating a minimal logo is really easy with our ai logo maker. Just click on any design of your interests and our logo maker will suggest additional styles for you to choose. Pick your favorite style, change it to your brand name and give it a fresh color combination, you will have yourself a unique logo ready to show the world.

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