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5 Social Media Tips To Grow Your Brand in 2020

Now, more than before, brands are getting aware of the power of social media. Many brands understand the positive influence of social media in boosting their visibility. The massive population of brands on social media can make it more competitive to attract your target audience. But, no matter how many brands are out there, no other brand can have the same qualities as your brand.

If you're just starting or growing your brand, or you're an entrepreneur, one of the things that would make you stand out is originality. Staying true to yourself will help you stand out amidst the crowd as a brand. Being consistent with your business logo identity will put you in a good position to attract prospective customers. But, some very important tips can help put you in a better position as a brand.

You can never have too much social media engagement. So, if you're looking to grow your social media following, here are some tips for you!


The social media world is filled with a lot of perfect looking ads and campaigns. But what people want is real and organic content. People take an interest in authentic content. You need to maintain an active interaction with your followers. One way you can do this is to engage them in the comment session, in a private message and also follow them back. People find it easier to relate with a human, not a "corporation". Treat your social media platform as a conversation with friends, not a dumping site for your posts.

You should also share posts that fill people in on what goes on with your brand. Sharing your customer's experiences and feedbacks can also boost the authenticity of your brand. Real experiences and testimonials resonate more with prospective customers.


You need to show that you care for your customers as much as your brand. Make them feel like they matter by actively showing your support for what they do online. Once in a while, you can help a follower repost their content, so long as it aligns with the values of your brand. That way, you tend to establish a stronger bond with your customers. By occasionally helping a follower repost their SEO-optimized content, you not only foster a stronger relationship but also encourage a community thriving on mutual growth. Heading into 2020, leverage the 'SEO Analyzer' as a bridge to connect deeper with your community, showing genuine support for more people! In 2020, support more people!


They work more wonders than you think! Micro-influencers are people with a social media following of around 1k to 100k followers. Micro-influencers are great for your brand because they have a very concentrated following. Working with a micro-influencer with a large number of following in your niche would help you reach a better audience, at a lower cost. Micro-influencers often connect with their followers personally. This connectedness is often lacking for big influencers.


Reach out to major micro-influencers in your brand industry to help put your business out there. They could act as an ambassador for your brand, or give feedback on your product or services. Even if it's a simple online post, it would go a long way in increasing your brand visibility. They also charge less fees than big-time influencers. Similarly, integrating business referrals into your strategy can significantly amplify your brand's authenticity and trustworthiness, encouraging more organic engagement.


I'm sure you must have heard this a thousand times. Well, this makes a thousand and one times!

Putting out quality content is a key part of building a good social media brand. But, in a world where content changes daily, the definition of "quality content" becomes quite harder to ascertain.

Quality content is one that appeals to followers emotionally, visually and communicates relevant information. Your followers must be able to feel a connection with what you put out. Quality content management is all about diversifying your posts. It's not just about posting one picture per day. Be creative; Be diverse; Go live! Take online polls! Make short and captivating videos utilizing a video editor!

Good logo designs and fonts can also help enhance your content. You can also use design maker from LogoAi to help you achieve consistent visuals for your content.


There is always a new trend every day! One of the ways to hop on the trendy-train is hashtags. You can't wait for people to engage you, so engage them! Your best bet to doing this is through hashtags. Don't just fill up your posts with trending hashtags. Select the befitting hashtags for your target audience. Generic hashtags are not always the best. Use hashtags that are related to your content.

Try to watch for the trending hashtags in your field. But, it is recommended that you do not use beyond 10 to 15 hashtags per post. Do this regularly, and slowly but surely, you'd get the attention you desire.


A lot has been said, but they'd all remain words except you actively and consistently make use of them. Put out honest and emotionally appealing content. Interact with your followers genuinely. Do not put on the corporate company cloak. It puts people off. Put out good content only and engage relevant hashtags. This way, you'd get your massive social media breakthrough much sooner than you know.

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