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Why Your Business Needs a Black and White Logo?

With all the advancements in logo design, you might be wondering if there is still space for black and white logos. When you already have a logo package for your business, should you still have a black and white version made?

In this post, LogoAl will share with you some of the reasons you need a minimal black and white logo, but first, a brief explanation of what a monochromatic logo is:

What Is a Black and White Logo?

A black and white logo is simply a monochromatic take on your brand logo. Apart from using a single color (black) for the logo, there shouldn't be any design changes. You should not add any effects whatsoever, be it some shadows or some shading.

What You Need a Black and White Logo for

For Printing Certain Products

Logos may be used for some non-conventional methods of branding products, like engravings, 3d printing, textile printing, and more. These products require the use of machines that may not have support for colored files and you need a monochromatic version of your logo for these types of materials.

For Scanning and Faxing

Isn't it frustrating when you find that the document you are scanning or faxing is all faded? One of the possible reasons for this is that the scanner or fax machine that you are using doesn't support color.

Having a black and white logo will prove to be useful in situations where you need to fax or scan something, and you need every element of the document to be clean and precise.

For Future Collaborations and Partnerships

Whether or not it is in your current plans to be in partnership deals with other companies, you need to be open to the possibility that you might. When this happens, your logo will be added to your partner's products, website, and marketing materials.

Your partner is likely going to ask for a monochromatic version of your logo design. This is because brands don't want their webpage, brochure, or products to look too cluttered with too many colors.

You might think you need not exert efforts in making a black and white version of your logo, as your partner can easily do it if needed. However, it is highly recommended that you provide your own monochrome logo instead of having someone outside of your own team convert your original logo. 

One of the reasons is that you don't know who will be tinkering with your file. What if they don't do an excellent job of it? If the file is not converted properly, you could end up with a poor-quality version of your logo that you wouldn't want to represent your brand.

To be sure of the conversion quality, it's better just to do it yourself and give your partner an already converted version.


Black and White logos are still a necessity for businesses. They are used for scanning and faxing documents and for printing your logo on unconventional materials. You can even use a black and white logo if you want your business cards to be simple and minimalist. They are also helpful for when you work collaboratively with another company as they'll need a monochromatic version of your logo design.

If you already have a brand logo, you can easily convert that. If you still don't have a company logo, it's time that you create one.

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