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Why Shapes Matter in Making a Great Logo for Your Brand

For a brand to make its mark amongst the general market, it should come up with a logo teeming with brand recognition and company core message. 

While it may be simplistic and trivial to incorporate simple shapes as the primary basis for a great symbol, it is essential to remember that most of today’s successful ventures started with something as basic as lines and curves. After some time, they were able to evolve them well enough into a symbol that their target markets consistently recognize up to this day.

With that said, is it any wonder why all businesses rely on amazing effects of shapes? If you wish to run your own business, this quick guide is for you:

Using Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are some of the world’s most recognizable formations, be it a circle, square, or triangle. Without these shapes, creating a logo would prove to be impossible. Using them is easier said than done, however, so make sure to discuss the mission and vision of your company with your creatives.

If you want to express motion, completeness, and inclusivity, then you can focus on the circle as your main element. You may then proceed with the triangle, a shape that expresses strength, growth, and dependability. You can then incorporate a square to signify familiarity, framing, and professionalism.

Using Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are what we may call the group’s wild card, as they are not as refined as geometric shapes. However, they are just as powerful as any other shape. Also known as the freeform shape, they are essentially warped shapes, including an irregular circle, square, and triangle. 

Due to this feature, people often have a faster recall and recognition with them, and how couldn’t they? They mainly consist of things that cannot usually be found in our surroundings. Keep in mind that going this design route may limit you to only specific categories of businesses, so make sure to research accordingly. 

Using Natural Shapes

You may say that natural shapes are somewhat similar to organic forms, and there is a semblance of truth to that. They are deeply rooted in everyday things that you may see at home or on your way to work. However, one of the main differences natural shapes have against organic shapes is that they are more entwined with nature.

Simply put, they are not countable, and some major examples are fire, wind, and water. The symbols of those three work on some major logos because they trigger our collective consciousness. 

If you combine them with the other organic and geometric shapes, you will better convey your brand’s core message. If you were planning to have a spa or wellness business, for example, combining the symbol of water with the shapes of leaves and butterflies may bring out that feeling of serenity and calm.


The importance of these different shapes in creating a great logo is undeniable, and neither can it be overlooked. Both startup companies and long-time ventures can significantly benefit by basing their logo ideas on the most basic shapes, especially if they combine geometric, natural, and organic variants. 

Only by understanding the core message of their brand can they come up with a logo that represents everything about their venture, creating brand recognition and increased sales in the process.

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