5 podcast logo ideas to inspire you

Looking to make your own podcast logo and don’t have an idea where to start? In this post, we share 5 popular podcast logo ideas to inspire you and help you make your own podcast logo!

If you are thinking of starting your own podcast or you want to redesign your existing podcast’s logo, you should consider and be inspired by logos that other successful podcasts have! Creating a logo that will be unique and will help your subscribers remember your brand is essential and will be one of the most important factors, along with the content that you share with your audience.

How do you start designing a logo for your podcast?

In order to start designing your logo, you should follow the process described below. This simple process will help you approach the process in a structured way.

Let’s start!

Find your why

The first thing that you should do is start thinking about your values and the reason your podcast exists. Imagine your podcast is super successful in 5 years and your logo is to be placed in multiple locations (make sure that you check our post about spots where placing your logo matters) so what are the values that you would like to share with your audience? 

What is the single reason your podcasts exist?

Do you want to help people be financially free? Do you want to help them meditate and be calm? Do you want to help them create a successful business?

What comes next?

Decide whether you want to include a slogan in your logo 

A tagline or a slogan [ADD LINK HERE OF MY PREVIOUS ARTICLE] is sometimes a great way to express your values in one sentence and create an emotional attachment with your audience. Also, people tend to remember quick and smart slogans, and, as a result, every time they see your brand and your logo they will immediately recognize your podcast.

Start playing around with logo ideas 

Use a logo maker like logoai.com to start playing around with different logo designs!

Add the name of your podcast and (optionally) add a slogan

Then click “others”. 

Next, select the color palette of your logo [ADD LINK HERE OF MY COLOR ARTICLE]. Color is one of the most important factors. If you want to express a calm and relaxed podcast, you might want to select some bright and light colors. On the other hand, if your podcast expresses energy and you want to share this with your subscribers, then select more cold and contrasted colors 

In the next step, you select the font size which should again be based on the podcast style, playful or modern!

After generating the first set of images, it is important to select the symbol correctly so that your audience really understands that your logo is related to a podcast

Search for “podcast” in the symbol tab and find a podcast logo that is minimalistic and simple!

Select one or more podcast icons and then click OK

You can add “sound”, “microphone” or other related keywords to help you get even more related symbols!

And now you are ready to check the results!

After selecting your logo, new podcast logo ideas will pop up from the logoai logo maker! If you are looking for a Podcast logo maker, logoai is one of the best solutions out there to help you create an amazing logo to power your podcast!

Famous podcast logos and ideas to inspire you!

Let’s check some famous podcast logos from some of the most successful podcasts out there! This can help you get inspired and get ideas to create your own logo!

  1. The Lazy Genius

This podcast helps you get day-to-day advice on how to deal with little things like organizing your life but also how to manage difficult discussions and political changes. As you can see, the logo has 2 main colors, one dark color in the background and the lightbulb icon that expresses the ideas and the daily spark of motivation that we all need in order to jump-start our day!

  1. 70 over 70 

Here is a great example of a simplistic but wonderful logo in one of the best music logo of all time: 70 Over 70, a show about how to make the most of the time we have left. In this great podcast, the host, Max Linsky, talks to 70 remarkable people, all over the age of 70, asking them questions about their life and their search for meaning. 

As you can see, there are two main colors, the black and the red, and the logo looks like it was handwritten, expressing simplicity and also the search for meaning 

  1. Call your Girlfriend

This is another great logo idea from the Call Your Girlfriend podcast, a podcast that talks about pop culture, books, and social justice, sharing insights about day-to-day life.

As you can see, the podcast uses the first letter of each word (C, Y, and G) in a simple shape-oriented view with powerful and clean colors and a very simple gray background.

  1. Feel Better, Live More

This is another great example of how you can use a simple image and a powerful title.

This podcast is about health and wellness and this is exactly what the podcast image shares. A simple life, a calm mind, and very soft and light colors that are not aggressive!

The logo uses only black and white which is also part of the simplistic approach that the brand of the podcast wants to express.

  1. Today in Focus

Today in Focus, is a daily news podcast sharing everything that's going on right now. As you can see from the logo, the bars simulate the sound waves of the daily talks but they also show the perspective of a town if you look from a distance. There are simple and calm colors and a combination of the black and orange-like color palette that gives an energetic and active feeling.


If you are looking for logo ideas or templates for your Podcast logo, in the article above we provide a process to help you think structurally and to start playing around with Logoai.com, one of the best free tools to help you create your podcast logo. In the post you will also find 5 podcast logo ideas from some of the most famous podcasts out there, to inspire you to create a logo and express your values and your motivation! Don’t forget to start from with your own internal questioning, finding your values and your why (ask yourself: Why am I doing this podcast? What does success mean to me? How can I provide more value to my audience?). This will help you identify your brand values and help you create a logo design that will share those values by selecting the correct colors, taglines and style!

Design your own logo now!

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