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Logo Placement | 5 Spots Where Placing Your Logo Matters

Half of the work in running a business is all about brand visibility. The only way that your potential customers will get to know about your service is if they’re familiar with what you do and, more importantly, what your logo looks like.

Businesses use various aspects of visual elements to make their brand well known, from using the right font type to creating a unique logo symbol. However, all of this information on color theory and the principles of designing won’t be much help if you don’t know where to place your logos.

Logo placement importance

Proper logo placement has become harder to find today with many places that a company can choose to invest in. In the past, advertising was all about leasing the biggest billboards in the most densely populated area.

Today now that people are more engaged with the digital space, much value in logo real estate has transferred into websites and other online areas. In this article, we will share with you five effective places to present your logo, both physically and digitally:


1. Signage and banner ads

The digital equivalent of traditional TV ads, posters, and tarpaulins are banner ads. Banner ads are usually hosted on your own website or partner websites for a fee. Having your logos and commercials here make for an effective strategy in generating mutual interest and engagement with your business partners’ customers.

2. Products and packaging

Take some notes on the promotional phenomenon of unboxing videos on streaming websites. A customer values not just the product but also the way that it’s presented to them, from the shipped packaging to its presentation. Product logos allow you to reinforce your branding and make it easier for your sponsorship partners to market your products enticingly.

3. Official invoices and forms

You can genuinely say that your business has lifted off the ground from being a ‘start-up’ by having your own formal invoices and forms. This allows your customers and business contractors to know that you have a personal and professional standard that you’re ready to commit to through official invoices and important documents.

4. Letters, physical and digital

E-mail signature designs are similar in function and presentation to physical business cards. Sending official letters and e-mail templates that have your logo as a header and footer reminds your employees, business partners, and customers who they’re communicating with. It helps to present an image of uniformity and professionalism with your brand by having your employees from the CEO to your HR officers have it.

5. Social media profiles and websites

After the effectiveness of the billboard, the next most obvious choice is to opt for websites. Most social media platforms have become competitive places to present your ads through boosted and sponsored posts. Placing your logos and ads on these channels is an easy way to engage with your customers digitally through posts, photos, and tweets instead of being seen as a static advertisement.


Brand visibility is merely the first step when it comes to receiving a dedicated following from your customers. Keep in mind that your target demographic's familiarity with your logo certainly does help. Presence combined with quality service is the key to gaining a loyal customer base.

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