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New Logo Design Trends: What To Expect From Your Logo Designer?

It’s halfway through 2020 and you’re still here searching for some good logo design reference for your business? We understand the pain when you have no idea where to look when seeking a custom logo design or what to brief when speaking with your logo designer. So, here’s a little gift from us, to you (the awesome customer) in form of a handy list of logo design trends in 2020. Read it, use it as a reference and suggest the most creative custom logo design ideas to your logo designer from 2020’s most trending styles. 

Retro Style Logos

80s is the time that has left a deep mark on designing industry with its neon boards and the unique lettering patterns. The fonts, the visuals and the glowing outlines all are so fascinating that the retro style logos remain trendy in every season. If your intentions are to remain trendy and classy with your logo design, ask your designer to go for retro style logos. 

Retro Style Logos.jpg

Animated Logos

Do you want to include a friendly element in your branding? Well, you can take some help from cartoon characters that look chic and attractive in animation. This form of logo design allows you to associate a certain character with your business’s branding that people can connect with. Ask your logo designer what he has to offer you from his creative treasures and enjoy a unique, engaging logo for your business. 

Animated Logos.jpg

Creative Letters

There’s a popular logo design style that is gaining traction each day – creative letters. You basically take your business name’s letters (or just initials), associate them with the product or service that you offer and make it fascinating through animation. Just name this logo design style and your logo designer would do his best to create an ideal logo for your business carrying a special message in it. 

Creative Letters.jpg

Minimalistic Logos

Some brands prefer using a word, an alphabet or even an icon to brand their business. This adds the element of elegance and preciseness to the logo design. If your plans are to leave a strong mark on the memories of your customers without saying much, you can opt for minimalistic logos. Your logo designer can show you plenty of examples for a custom logo design to choose from.

Minimalistic Logos.jpg

Looping Logos

While seeking the best professional logo design service, you can opt for looping logos. Looping logos basically grab the attention of the viewer and best work on digital platform as a continuation is required to properly convey their meaning. See, what options your logo designer has to offer! 

Looping Logos.jpg

Creative Typography

Are you in search of a custom logo design that is creative, artistic, and playful in look and feel? Well, the creative typographic logos are in these days and you can benefit from them if you want to narrate your buyer’s story in creative way. Put your buyer, your story’s hero in your logo with the help of your logo designer and brand with a unique approach. 

Creative Typography.jpg

Geometric Shapes

There’s another growing logo design trend in 2020 where businesses are opting for plain geometric shapes. If you want to stand out in your competition, you can ask your logo designer to make use of some basic geometric shapes and come up with a unique logo that defines your business adequately and people would remember you. 

Geometric Shapes.jpg

Gradient Logos

If your plans are to spice up the logo, you can opt for gradient logos that are trending amongst small businesses these days. Instead of using a typographic or plain color logo, you can give your logo designer few color options to play with. And in return, he’d offer you an attractive, compelling logo to brand your business.

Gradient Logos.jpg

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