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Generate Social Share Images from any URL

Social Image Generator is our latest free design tool from LogoAi that allows you to auto-generate QR code poster designs from any web content. Just enter the URL of any blog article, Youtube video, or webpage, to get beautiful designs that you can share on social media.

How Social Image Generator Works

It's extremely easy to use QR Poster Generator. Simply enter the URL to your article or video and hit enter. It will automatically obtain information such as title, image, author information and generate a poster design including QR code to your original content.

Enter any URL to generate poster image containing QR code

Edit and Download Your Design

If you don’t like the generated poster design, you can hit the Next→ button to jump to the next design. You can also edit or delete any element on the design before downloading your poster image. 

Edit your design or click next to see a new design

Setup Your Own Design Template

We also save a copy of your poster design in your homepage which you can always go back and edit. If you like to use your own design as the template when generating future QR posters, simply enter your design ID on the dropdown option.

Specify your own template to quickly generate QR code image poster

QR Poster maker is a powerful tool to allow you quickly generate shareable social media images from any web content. You can share your generated image on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc… Readers can easily scan the QR code on each poster design and open your article or video on their mobile phone.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions about this tool. You can also check out other free design tools from LogoAi.

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